10 Awesome Modern Home Exterior That Have Great Designs

Garden furniture ideas on modern home exterior design

In this article we will show you some modern home exterior design ideas with garden sofa tips. Wonder more? Let’s go.

The garden sofa is a must for moments of relaxation in your modern home. You can choose the sofa according to your taste and your style. 2/3 seater sofas, from classic to modern design, from industrial to vintage style. Each of them can make your garden or terrace unique.

Garden furniture and garden sofa ideas for modern home exterior design

The materials used for garden sofas are numerous, the most suitable for those who want to use natural materials, in vintage style are garden sofas wood. There are many types of outdoor sofas that have been specially treated against bad weather and climatic problems. Iroko, a variety of African timbers that are well-suited for their resistance to outdoor teakwood, a valuable wood native to southern and south-eastern Asia, often native to tropical and subtropical Asian forests. The garden sofa rattan is often chosen because it is a durable material that is sought after, waterproof and lightweight at the same time.

Garden sofa ideas for exterior home design

For those who love a modern style, an iron or aluminum sofa is perfect to turn your garden into an oasis of tranquility with a fairy-tale atmosphere. For the shape and color is everything to your personal taste and pillows are there and more will make the sofa comfortable!

With us you will find every solution and color you prefer. All products that you will buy must be made of high quality materials, this is very important for modern home exterior design.

Remember that you are available to comment us for any questions. We are happy to assist you in choosing the suitable for you modern or classic outdoor sofa! Discover our modern home exterior design ideas and pictures and buy your dream garden sofa! Good luck!

Pictures of modern home exterior designs

Now it’s time to see the pictures of modern home exterior design ideas. You can see the pictures below!

1- Nature living

Modern home exterior designs 01

via Arches

2- Open-air living

Modern home exterior designs 02

Architect: Fernau & Hartman Photo by: Richard Barnes

3- Victorian cottage living

Modern home exterior designs 03

Architect: Waind Gohil+Potter Architects Photo Anthont Coleman

4- Faded wooden cladding

Modern home exterior designs 04

Architect: Claridge Architects Photo by:  Seb Scapolan / Shou Sugi Ban

5- Cottage mix into natural rock

Modern home exterior designs 05

Architect: Pernilla Johansson Photo by: Per Erik

6- Lateral genre

Modern home exterior designs 06

Architect: Pitman Tozer Photo by: Nick Kane

7- Circus tent style

Modern home exterior designs 07

Architect & Photo by : Simone Kreutzer & Tommy Wesslund

8- Dare to sharp lines

Modern home exterior designs 08

Architect: Bliss

9- Inactive home living

Modern home exterior designs 09

Architect: Kontur arkitektur Photo by: Lasse Haldrup Juul

10- Extremely modern garden house

Modern home exterior designs 10

Architect: Blue Forest Luxury Treehouses Photo by: Blue Forest / Quiet Mark

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