10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas for Exterior Lighting 2019

Garden lighting ideas for atmospheric lighting effects

If you have a house with a garden, you should definitely use the outer surfaces and walls to play with light and shade. Whether it’s illuminating the way to the front door or emphasizing certain areas in the garden, there are hundreds of ways to effectively show off your own property. And the effort is worth it, because individual lighting effects in the context of a Smart Garden not only look beautiful and exclusive, but can also emphasize and highlight especially pretty garden areas.

Before attaching your garden lighting, however, you should be aware of what kind of lights you want to attach in the countryside.

Basically, you have the choice between;

connected to the mains

solar powered and

alternatively lit lamps

These are for example candles, lanterns with candles or garden torches, which are lit and put into the ground.

Of course, the different lights can be combined with each other. For example, you can illuminate the way to the front door with cords powered by cables, while the dining table combination on the lawn is illuminated by solar lights. Candlelight and torches create a particularly romantic atmosphere.

The electric garden lighting ideas for setting accents

Electrically operated lights with functional design are usually not set up as a decoration, but should illuminate the way to the pond, the driveway or from the garden door up to the house entrance. Above all, this kind of illumination serves as a security: homeowners and guests see where they are going. The path lighting is installed at regular intervals and should not be more than 1.50 meters high (lamps with pedestal or bollard lights). Even terraces and dark corners of the house can be illuminated in this way.

Tip: If the electric lamps or spotlights are also coupled with motion detectors, they additionally serve as protection against unauthorized intrusion: Due to the automatic switching on of the lamps, the burglar has to assume that the house is guarded and then leaves the property mostly in a flush manner.

Garden lighting ideas and tips for a greate garden light

Because motion detectors respond to even the tiniest of movements, it’s a good idea to buy high-quality models that can be set so they will not respond if a mouse or larger insect flits past. Often the motion detector lights are still connected to a surrounding the house lighting system. She sets the wall surfaces even more effectively in scene.

Almost all electric garden lights require a 230V house connection. So, for example, if you have a new house in a modern design, you can surround the way to your own home with design stainless steel bollard lights. The rod-shaped lamps are an ideal waymarking and form with their simple lines a degree of order and clarity. Alternatively, even in the ground recessed lamps are suitable for solar operation. Its diffused light ensures good orientation at night. However, after several days of cloudy weather, solar lights are no longer strong enough to emit a lot of light.

In the cottage garden and older buildings fit cast-iron decorated lamps in a rustic style best. They combine perfectly with old metal stable lanterns and evoke memories of the “good old days”.

Pictures of garden lighting ideas

Now it’s time to see the pictures of garden lighting ideas. You can see the pictures below!


1- Deck lighting

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 01

via Clive Nichols

2- Glow lighting

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 02

via dSpace Studio

3- Terrace palace

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 03

via Chris Bradly / Bradley Foto

4- Enjoying dinner outdoors

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 04

via Jon Reece

5- Security and elegance

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 05

via McKay Landscape Lighting

6- Elite deck

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 06

via MONEAL for GrowsGreen

7- The elegance of modernity

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 07

via Victor Coar for Karen Garlanger

8- Deck with coastline

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 08

via Bell Landscapes

9- Sound of nature

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 09

via Mike Kelley

10- Pennsylvania style

10 Best Garden Lighting Ideas 10

via MasterPlan

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