10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design Ideas for 2019

Small backyard design ideas – creating a corner of paradise

The big cities have a lot, but they miss the backyards of the villages. The designers, who work with homeowners of compact homes in high-populated areas such as San Francisco and New York, have specialized in transforming smaller, narrow or clumsily organized spaces into comfortable and functional additions to the living space and enhancing the small backyard.

The ideas developed by architects for small backyard design ideas

The ideas for small backyard apply in all cases where you want to functionally enlarge your outdoor area and create a place to rest. You try these ideas on your back yard design workings. Tips listed below for you:

Functional backyard design ideas for a small backyard

Distribute the small backyard into smaller zones or rooms. Create a strategic division of functions using built-in facilities and furniture that delimit various corners for food, recreation and cooking. This backyard in Brooklyn, New York has all four zones.

Implement a small lighting design

This place in a small backyard has varied light scheme. The sconces serve many functions, such as illuminate the barbecue, the landscape and the planting, as well as general environment lighting. At the same time, hanging lamps are placed over the dining area.

Extend the interior

Which interior area seems too small for you and then he establishes the majority of this area in the backyard. Your kitchen is too small? Or you need a larger family room? With the development of outdoor technologies everything can be done inside. A small rug helps to establish extra living space in a small backyard in your sweet home.

Complete the interior

Use the same colors and style you already have inside, for the little backyard, to make it look more like your own living room. ‘Stylistically, you want to take such colors and textures that connect the two spaces,’ says Amber Freda, a landscape architect in New York. Make more than a pair of chairs and a table. A simple dining table with wooden chairs will not entice you to use it, but a truly comfortable lounge will be’.

Pictures of backyard design ideas

Now it’s time to see the pictures of backyard design ideas. You can see the pictures below!


1- Almost a forest

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 01

via A Blade of Grass

2- Strong lines

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 02

via Jane Harries Garden Designs

3-Multi-purpose garden

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 03

via Allen Haren

4- English style garden

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 04

via Kate Eyre Garden Design

5- Perfect for relaxing

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 05

via Nicola Stocken / Tomkins

6- Lawns with aesthetic lines

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 06

via Partridge Design

7- Escape to the forest

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 07

via Earth Mama Landscape Design

8- Small and adorable

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 08

via @daisyhomedesign

9- Natural and healthy lawns

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 09

via Simon Orchard Garden Designs

10- Brooklyn’s simple and showy garden

10 Exceptional Backyard Garden Design 10

via Flo’s Gardens

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