25 Trend Ideas for Living Room Decoration

The most beautiful living room decoration ideas

The right home accessories will make your living room glow, create depth and provide an individual touch. The first consideration when setting up is usually the right color. In addition to classics such as pure white, delicate cream or cool light gray are stylish and timeless furnishing colors. Incidentally, the right curtains or curtains are also very important for the effect of the room, since they significantly influence the mood of the room. Tropical turquoise, cool green or lavender have a balancing effect and create a relaxed atmosphere. Warm tones such as pumpkin, tomato, sun yellow or caramel on the other hand make your living room cozy and lift the mood, especially in cloudy weather.

Stylish and functional furniture as living room decoration objects and ideas

Of course, the furniture that gives structure and individuality to your living room characterizes your interior design style. The central piece of furniture is a cozy couch or a stylish sofa that you should tailor to your specific needs. Sofas with additional storage space are a great option for small apartments, as you can do without dressers or baskets. A chic side table or coffetable made of pallets, a halved wine barrel or fruit crates will give your home a unique flair and a little boutique chic. These chairs or stools fit, which you simply put on your favorite fabric. Perfect for creatives: with a little skill, you can mill chairs and stools from rustic tree trunks or make them from old car tires.

A guarantee for coziness: Noble home textiles for the living room decoration ideas

Cosiness and comfort are provided by sophisticated home textiles such as tapestries, blankets and pillows. As a cover for your sofa are soft plaids made of natural fibers or fleece. Very classy: Ice gray blankets bring harmony into a colorful living room and lend your home timeless elegance. Incidentally, matching pillow cases are an interesting DIY project, which is also ideal as a gift idea. Close to for example old jute bags or coffee bags to individual cases around. Other simple ingredients for making unique items are batik dye or acid.

Nice for long winter evenings: embroider old cushions with letters, quotes, notes or abstract motifs.

Pictures of living room decoration ideas

Now you can see the pictures of living room decoration ideas. You can see them below!

Popular Now

1- Small, simple and stylish

1- Small simple and stylish

2- Some contrast with dark wall

2- Little contrast with dark wall

3- No fireplace? There is wood stove

3- No fireplace there is wood stove

4- Tiny but decorative

4- Tiny but decorative

5- Traditional…

5- Traditional...


Tranditional Living Rooms

6- Use warm colors

Tranditional living room design 01

via Cameron Mobley Interior Design

7- White & blue living room

Tranditional living room design 02

via Stratus Construction Group

8- Panel walled living room

Tranditional living room design 03

via PFA Design Group

9- Decorative beamed living room

Tranditional living room design 04

via Tom Markalunas, photo by Rachael Boling

Blue Colored Living Room

10- Bold and dramatic blue

Blue colored living room ideas 01

via Thom Filicia / Zack DeSart

11-Contemporary and tidy

Blue colored living room ideas 02

via Alice Burnham Design / Jane Beiles

12- Beach style living room

Blue colored living room ideas 03

via Sabrina Alfin Interiors / Dean J. Birinyi Photography

13- Elite blue living room

Blue colored living room ideas 04

via Erin Williamson

Glamour Living Rooms

14- Glamour of simplicity

Glamour living room design ideas 01

via ED REEVE / Getty Images

15- Dramatic Glamour

Glamour living room design ideas 02

via Style at Home

16- Small but glamour

Glamour living room design ideas 03

via Lonny

17- Feminine glamour

Glamour living room design ideas 04

via Horchow

Modern Living Room Design

18- What is the modern?

Modern living room design 01

via Apex Custom Fabrication

19- Modern and something more

Modern living room design 02

via Michelle Lewis Designs

20- Negative space when moderning

Modern living room design 03

via Lori Pedersen / Victor Wei

21- Pop of color design

Modern living room design 04


via M House Inc. / Stephanie Buchman

Cozy Design Living Room

22- Cozy and natural

Cozy design living room 01

via Dillard Jones Builders

23- Panelled wall living room

Cozy design living room 02

via Warmington & North

24- The difference of grey wall

Cozy design living room 03

via Anna Duval Interior Design

25- Chalet style living room

Cozy design living room 04

via Hempts Furniture


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