29 Most Popular Kitchen Decoration Ideas 2019

Kitchen design ideas, tips and suggestions with pictures

Do you want to establish a great kitchen, then do not miss our kitchen design ideas, tips and suggestions. Wonder more? Details below.

Country kitchen design ideas

The country house style enjoys in the interiors just as lasting popularity as the country house itself – no wonder, because with warm colors and natural materials, it radiates a lot of cosiness and makes the home a retreat, where you can feel at ease. Unlike a modern-style kitchen characterized by straight lines and simple shapes, a country kitchen has playful elements. These can come into play when choosing the appropriate kitchen furniture in country style, but also in the choice of textiles and decorations or in the wall design.

A country-style kitchen – classic or modern?

The country house style does not have to look old-fashioned, even if it should mostly remind of the good, old times. If you want a kitchen in the classic country house style, you can, for example, rely on heavy kitchen furniture made of sturdy oak. Modern country kitchens, on the other hand, are lighter in appearance and favor lighter tones, such as white or light natural colors, without losing sight of the country house style.

Planning the country kitchen design

In the new building, when planning the kitchen, it is important to start by deciding in which room or on which floor the kitchen should be set up. It depends on different aspects. On the one hand, existing water connections partly dictate the location of the kitchen from the outset. If you want to relocate, you should inform yourself about the possibilities and the resulting costs.

Kitchen design ideas and kitchen pictures

Another aspect is the desired room layout. In many modern family homes, the lower floor is dedicated to shared living – often in the form of an open space concept. Here, the kitchen is integrated as an American kitchen with kitchen island or kitchen counter in the living room. The big advantage of this is that on the one hand a flowing, airy ambience is created and on the other hand communication is facilitated. In addition, this room concept is particularly suitable for families with small children, because you can keep this wonderful in mind, if you are preparing the food or otherwise in the kitchen while the little ones play in the living room.

If you want to install the country kitchen in the upper floor, you should pay attention to the static and if necessary seek the advice of a structural engineer, because especially robust kitchen furniture made of wood can have a lot of weight.

Pictures of kitchen design ideas

Do you want to see the pictures of kitchen design ideas? You can see them below!

Most Viewed at This Time

1- Modern American kitchen

1- Modern American kitchen


2- Good idea to store something

2- Good idea to store something


3- Most cleverly used closet

3- Most cleverly used closet


4- Industrial style

4- Industrial style


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5- I think everybody love this

5- I think everybody love this


Grey Kitchen Decorating

6- Pink and gray combination


7- The beauty of lacquer

Grey kitchen decorating 02


8- NYC style kitchen

Grey kitchen decorating 03


9- Largest cabinets

Grey kitchen decorating 04


White Designed Kitchen

10- Modern farmhouse white kitchen

White kitchen designs 01


11- Simple and clean whiteness

White kitchen designs 02


12- Good placement

White kitchen designs 03


13- White and steel compatibility

White kitchen designs 04


Kitchen Island Ideas

14- Twin islands

Kitchen island ideas 01


15- White island

Kitchen island ideas 02


16- Dark colored island

Kitchen island ideas 03


17- Swedish style kitchen island

Kitchen island ideas 04


Modern Kitchen

18- Simple but cool

Modern kitchen decoration 01


19- Glow of white

Modern kitchen decoration 02


20- Trendy modern design

Modern kitchen decoration 03


21- Extremely modern

Modern kitchen decoration 04


Kitchen Lighting

22- Very long and hanging

Kitchen lighting design 01


23- Original designed

Kitchen lighting design 02


24- Antique lighting

Kitchen lighting design 03


25-Cone shaped steel

Kitchen lighting design 04


Green Colored

26-Original green

Green colored kitchen design 01


27- Two greens at the same time

Green colored kitchen design 02


28- Shamrock green

Green colored kitchen design 03


29- Popular color: Emerald green

Green colored kitchen design 04

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